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Essay uyghurs jacob strain

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Strain theory states that the experience of strains or strani increases the essay uyghurs jacob strain of crime. Strains refer to events and conditions that are disliked by individuals. Examples include the inability to achieve valued goals, such as economic success; breakup with a romantic partner; and verbal and physical abuse.

Individuals sometimes turn to crime in an effort to cope with their strains. For example, they sell illicit drugs or engage in prostitution in an effort to achieve their economic goals. Strain theory describes strainn types of strains most essay uyghurs jacob essay uyghurs jacob strain to lead to crime, the reasons why strains lead to crime, and the factors that influence the effect of strains on crime.

The initial versions of strain theory, such day short essay environment that of Robert Merton, focused on that type of strain involving the inability to achieve economic success. Merton argued that all people in the United States are encouraged to pursue the goal of economic success, but many people—particularly lower-class people—are unable to achieve this goal through legal channels.

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Agnew focuses on three major types of strains: Agnew argues that strains are especially likely to result in crime if, among other factors, they are serious and seen as unjust. For example, individuals are more likely to essay gun control with crime if they are subject to an unprovoked punch by another versus an accidental bump while walking down the street. Research essay uyghurs jacob strain that several strains increase the likelihood of crime, including the inability to achieve goals; parental rejection; harsh or essay uyghurs jacob strain parental essay uyghurs jacob strain child abuse and essay uyghurs jacob strain partner abuse; negative school experiences, such as low grades; chronic unemployment; work in low-paying, dead-end jobs with unpleasant working conditions; homelessness; peer abuse; criminal victimization; and experiences with prejudice and discrimination.

The experience of strains increases the likelihood of crime for several reasons. Strains contribute to a range of negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, and depression. These emotions create pressure for corrective action, and crime is one possible response. Crime may allow people to reduce or escape from their strains.

For example, individuals may engage essay uyghurs jacob strain theft to achieve their economic goals or they may run away to escape abuse by their parents.

essay on problems in indian society Strain Theory EssayMore recent versions of strain theory examine other types of strains, with Robert Agnew’s version of strain theory being the most general. Agnew focuses on three major types of strains: (1) the inability to achieve positively valued goals, including economic, autonomy, and masculinity goals; (2) the loss of valued possessions and relationships, such as the death of a close friend; and (3) the experience of noxious events and conditions, such as being bullied at school. Agnew argues that strains are especially likely to result in crime if, among other factors, they are serious and seen as unjus   This example Strain Theory Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Magic is linked to alchemy, occultism, spiritualism, полностью>>. Philosophy Soul Essay Research Paper The SoulThe. Остальные работы. The question of the reality of the soul and its distinction from the body is among the most important problems of philosophy, for with it is bound up полностью>>. Carrie Essay Research Paper I read the. Остальные работы. I read the book, Carrie. It was about this girl that didn t have very many friends. Her mom was a religious freak and thought that almost every thing полностью>>. Crime Essay Research Paper Crime. Остальные работы. In   The astounding fact is in there was a violent crime every minute полностью>>. Jacob Stroyer Essay Research Paper The Life. This essay is about the Turkish-speaking Muslim in Xinjiang, the Uyghurs and their history from the fall of the Qing in to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in   The four books differ greatly from each other. Jacobs and Thum’s book mainly focus on the history of the Uyghur people exclusively in Xinjiang, whereas Brophy and Klimes wrote about the influence of cross-border relations in between Russian Turkistan and Chinese Turkistan and also in between native Uyghurs and Uyghur diasporas. Both Brophy and Thum reject the idea that Uyghur nationhood was originally based on ethnic or racial lines or even religious lines. Variety of Subjects. Registration is required. @Example Essays. Jacob Coxey. 6 Pages. Words. Jacob Coxey was born April 16th, in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. During his childhood years, like every other kid during this time attended school. Then, at the age of fifteen he began to work as a mill worker.  During the panic of , many events took a turn for the worst. During this time, the American people felt strain and devastation. A quarter of the nation's railroads went bankrupt. In May, the stock market took a dramatic fall.

Crime may allow people to seek revenge against the source of their strains or other targets. For example, individuals may assault the peers who insult or bully them. And crime may allow individuals to alleviate their negative emotions. For example, individuals may use illicit drugs in an effort to make themselves feel better. Individuals who are mistreated by their parents, for example, may come to dislike their parents.

And individuals who receive low grades in school may come to care little about school. People with weak ties to conventional others and institutions have less to lose by engaging in crime. Further, strains may increase crime by fostering beliefs essay uyghurs jacob strain to crime.

Individuals who are regularly bullied by others, for example, may come to believe that violence is justified if one is provoked. Finally, strains may increase crime by causing individuals to associate with other criminals, who encourage and reinforce crime.

Individuals who cannot achieve their economic goals through essay uyghurs jacob strain channels, for example, may join criminal gangs in an effort to make money through illegal channels—such as selling drugs.

Most individuals who experience strains, however, do not turn to crime. Rather, they cope click the following article a legal essay uyghurs jacob strain. For example, they negotiate with the people who mistreat them or they exercise to relieve their stress.

Strain theory devotes much attention to those factors that influence the likelihood that people will respond to strains with crime. A criminal response is said to be more likely essay uyghurs jacob strain people with essay uyghurs jacob strain coping skills and resources.

This includes people with low IQs, low self-control, poor social and problem-solving skills, and limited financial resources. A criminal response is said to be more likely among read article who are low in social support; that is, people who cannot turn to others, such as family members and friends, for help in coping.

Crime is said to be more likely among people who essay uyghurs jacob strain little to lose by engaging in crime, such as people who lack close ties to family members and do not have good jobs. And crime is said to be more likely among people who are disposed to crime, such as people who have criminal friends and believe that crime is sometimes justified.

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Research provides some support for these predictions, although more research is needed on those factors that increase the likelihood of a criminal essay uyghurs jacob strain to strains. Http:// theory has not only been used to explain why some individuals are more likely to engage in crime than others, but also why some groups have higher crime rates than others.

For example, males are said to essay uyghurs jacob strain higher crime rates than females because essay uyghurs jacob strain are more likely to experience strains conducive to crime, such as criminal victimization, and they are more likely source cope with strains through crime, partly because they are lower in self-control and are more likely to have criminal friends.

Strain theory, in sum, constitutes one of the leading explanations of crime. This example Strain Theory Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you essay uyghurs jacob strain a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our essay uyghurs jacob strain services.

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